Festival of Dalmatian Klapas Omis

Klapa’s singing is on the list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage. “Klapa” in Dalmatian dialect means company or group, while in musical terms it refers to five-to-eight member ensembles. Its basic characteristic and distinction are, and remain, solely vocal harmony-singing, only rarely discreetly and quietly accompanied by instruments.

The klapa singing has very long tradition derived from medieval church songs. Sang by fishermen and peasants, it leaves the listeners astonished by the beauty and gentleness of their voices, expressing the true heart and soul of Dalmatian people.

The 51st „Festival of Dalmatian Klapas“ will take place in Omis, a beautiful town 21km away from Split. The rich program of this festival includes the evening of new compositions, elimination evenings of male and female klapas (a capella choir), the traditional concert “The city of Zagreb to the town of Omis” and the final evening of male and female klapas. This year’s festival will take place from June 30th – July 22nd. Visit Omis and be part of this festival!

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