The Uskoks’ Battle for Klis

The two-day spectacle of revitalized history involving over 250 members of historic troops and knights from all over Croatia and Europe brings visitors back to the Middle Ages and the era of the Klis defense of the Ottoman Empire.

Medieval archery and sword tournament, fire juggling, archaic folk songs, tambourines, bagpipes, drums and fiddles playing live, oriental music with belly dancers, knight camps set in the northern foothills of the fortress, depicting warriors’ life in the Middle Ages, various schools and workshops…

The central event is the reconstruction of the historical battle between the Uskoks and the Ottoman Army of 1532. Scenes of siege, invasion, negotiation, conquest, defense, punctuation, individual and collective battles with swords, spears, maces, axes, along with firing cannons, rifles, firelocks…

Visit Klis from July 28th till July 29th and be a part of this historical event that begins at 6:00 pm.

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