Night of the Museums in Split

If you happened to be in Croatia on 31st of January, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Night of Museums (“Noć Muzeja 2020”) – a night when Croatian museums stay open until late in the night…

The doors of Splits’s museums and galleries are thrown open, free of charge, for one night only at this popular annual event. 31.973 people went for a walk through the museums last year in Split.  Most institutions take part, and frequently one-off exhibitions and concerts are organised especially for the event. Night of Museums started in 2005., so this will be the event’s 15th annual occurrence, and it will take place in 100 Croatian cities and towns now take part. Take a wake, be a part of a big crowd who create a vibrant atmosphere, as this Friday night will be an enjoyable evening, for some a highlight of the year.

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